The Focused Conversation Method (FCM) is an important Technology of Participation ToP™ method used worldwide by facilitators, leaders, psychologists, planners and educators, among many others.

ICA Associates Inc. has launched a pilot project in China that supports FCM practitioners who want to transfer the method. Practitioners must show good use of the method and are then supported with videos and other materials that put the method in the proper light.

Individuals who have proven their ability to transfer this method to others are authorized by ICA Associates Inc as

Recognized Focused Conversation Method Instructors


Yue Gu, Shanghai

Tu Hong, Guangzhou

Haiqing Lui, Guangzhou

Shan Long, Guangzhou

Qiang Mao, Hangzhou

Lixin Sun, Hangzhou

Li Tan, Hangzhou

Rui Yang. Hangzhou

Yuhong Yao, Shanghai

Min Zhan, Guangzhou

Lingyan Zhang, Guangzhou

Yunyun Zhang, Shanghai

Zhijun Chen, Guangzhou

Yi Zhu, Shanghai

Daiquing Yao, Hangzhou

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