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Process Design

Motivate people with full participation.

ICA will design, in a participatory way, so that all stakeholders know how they will contribute to the necessary changes. Ramp up motivation to implement through full involvement.

Transformation Engagement

ICA Associates Inc
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    Participation design

    Co-design approaches with all stakeholder so they know the value of their contribution.
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    Input on complex topics

    ICA Associates Inc. helps stakeholders and clients have informed discussions on complicated economic, political and cultural issues.
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    Participatory values shine through

    ICA Associates Inc. aims to inspire people so that a diverse group of stakeholders create positive, practical solutions together.
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    Work groups and public meetings

    ICA excels at open sessions, conferences and workshops creating multi-stakeholder partnerships empowered to create possibilities and generate action.
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    Insightful quantifiable analysis

    ICA generates strategic thinking and comprehensive perspectives during thorough qualitative and quantitative exploration.
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    Respectful and safe dialogue

    Participants trust the results of our neutrality in the safe and creative environment fostered by ICA Associates Inc.

Edges: New Planetary Patterns, Volume 15 No. 1.

Participatory Society and the ladder of involvement in decision making from.

What Our Clients Say

Each participatory process ICA Associates Inc has designed for us, including board strategic planning, a large-scale Inuit community priority-establishing project, and the Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada consultation, has been respectful and productive with powerful commitment to results from diverse groups

Richard Jock Executive Director, National Aboriginal Health Organisation

ICA Associates led us on a thoughtful and productive Leadership Retreat that helped us more deeply connect and get to know each another better after the complexities of remote work during the pandemic. The DiSC styles helped us grow in deeper appreciation of each other’s strengths and in how we come to reaching decisions and actioning next steps. We were able to weave our insights from the two days into a team agreement to help guide us, as we continue to move forward together in fulfillment of our organizational mission and align closely as one integrated team in support of the wider organization.

Management Team WILL Employment Solutions, Your Content Goes Here

ICA Associates Inc. lead our strategic planning. It was so effective that we had them look at and enhance all of our program planning and evaluation processes.

Dr. Robert Kyle Commissioner and Medical Officer of Health, The Regional Municipality of Durham

In a few short years MPAC has transformed from an “unchanging” institution with an assigned mandate and rote routines to an innovative, collaborative, and pro-active organization.

Anthoni Wisniowski President, Municipal Property Assessment Corporation

Our project resulted in “uncontentious structural change” in a major institution, and a shift from top-down decision-making and silos toward a collaborative culture. Action plans are being carried out, with public progress reports at regular intervals.

Julia O'Sullivan Ontario Insitute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto

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