Sample Decisional Level Questions:

Based on the intended results, or the rational aim of your conversation, decisional questions draw the conversation to closure, often to summary, consensus, commitment, or action.


How would you summarize the meaning of this?

How would you name the whole?


What recommendations do you have?

Who will take responsibility for any of these changes?

How can we clear this up?

If you do it over again, what would you do differently?


What do we need to do over the next few months?

What are our next steps? Who will do them?

What is the first action you have planned in your project?

Transformational Impact

How would you summarize how this story has changed you, or your thinking?

How would you summarize how you (or we as a group) are different as a result of this experience?

Who will take responsibility for any of these changes?

These books will give you a deeper understanding and provide templates for conversations on a variety of topics.
The Art of Focused Conversation, by Brian Stanfield
The Art of Focused Conversation for Schools, by Jo Nelson

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