Questions at the Interpretive Level probe for meaning, significance and patterns, based on objective data and reflective, internal responses to that data. Use these sample interpretive questions as clues to inspire a few tailored questions that help a group understand the situation or topic and guide the group to a decision or consensus.
What are the positive aspects of this situation? What are the negative aspects of this situation?
What might be some of the causes of this situation?
Why did this happen?
What is the impact of this situation?
What do you think is at the bottom of this impasse?
What seem to be some critical factors in solving this issue?
What values do we need to hold in a solution to this problem?
What are some options that might work?
What insights do you have?
What seems most on target to you? Why?
What are some alternatives?
What might this look like in day-to-day real life?
What are positive and negative implications of possible decisions?
What are key differences and similarities between these options?
How does this relate to our overall purpose?
What is most relevant for you?
What patterns do you hear in this whole discussion?

These books will give you a deeper understanding and provide templates for conversations on a variety of topics.
The Art of Focused Conversation, by Brian Stanfield
The Art of Focused Conversation for Schools, by Jo Nelson

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