Tuesday, February 7, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm EST.     

We are launching our newest course with a webinar. Cultural Transformation: Building a Thriving Culture with a Positive Mindset.

Top talent is hard to attract, engage, and retain. In this competitive HR landscape, it is imperative leaders recognize employees are making career decisions based on a company’s social impact and corporate culture. They want to make a difference and are looking for roles which will provide intellectual challenges, allow them to continue to grow, develop, and contribute to society in a meaningful way.

In designing a culture for the 21st century, leaders must work hard at consciously creating and maintaining their culture. They can then use their culture as a competitive advantage to attract, retain and develop the talent needed to achieve aggressive goals and objectives.

Corporations like Google and Ikea who have invested in corporate culture are not only successful in maintaining high employee engagement: they have also been 1646% more profitable for investors over a 15 year period.

How do they do it? Joanna Barclay shares over 3 decades of business transformation experience, answering this question and many more.

Three things you’ll learn are:

  1. How to become an employer of choice to attract engage retain top talent
  2. Learn how to generate greater engagement and increase productivity
  3. The leadership necessary to create a conscious workplace to build trust and support collaboration

Save your Spot at the Webinar →  Link to Webinar Tickets

Joanna Barclay Speaker’s Profile: https://youtu.be/tVwEtpgjNvw


To register for the 2 day course on Feb 27-28, 2023

Cultural Transformation (LO) live online


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