This conversation, which acknowledges the reality of the events of the year in an appreciative manner, can be especially healing for reflecting on 2020 and moving into 2021. It can be used in the context of work teams, or family, or friends. It can be done as a simple verbal conversation, or with visuals posted on a wall or a virtual wall.

O. What events do you recall from the past year? (You can ask for individual thinking first before sharing. You can also ask for events from each month)

Each person share events. (If you like, you can write these events on stickies and post on a timeline on a wall or a virtual wall)

R. What were high points of the past year?  What were low points? (If you have posted these on a “wall”, you can mark them as each person responds)

I. If these events are footprints of our journey this year, at what points did the path of the journey make turns? What were the turning points in our journey this year? (If this is on a “wall, you can draw vertical lines across the timeline at the turning points.)

If we were writing a book of this journey, what would we name the chapters between the turning points? What was going on in each segment of our journey? (If this is on a “wall”, you can write the names in each segment above the timeline.)

D. What would we name the whole story of our journey this year – its significance? (This name can be posted above the timeline.)

Now, since we are clear on this past year, let’s use it to look into the future. What will we take into the next year? Learnings? Questions? Commitments as a result of this year’s journey?


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