Using Wave Analysis to Understand Trends
Wave Analysis Overview

  • This is a quick way to reveal everyone’s interpretation of current reality with objective clues and form a common story about current reality.
  • This exercise uses a Wave as a metaphor to categorize everyone’s perception of the reality.

Major Steps of Wave Analysis

  • Draw or post the wave image on the wall
  • Set a context for the purpose of the exercise
  • Have individuals and small groups brainstorm observations of current reality and write on cards
  • Introduce the Wave as a metaphor – tell stories to clarify each area
  • Teams mark all their cards with the most appropriate area and place on the wall in the 5 areas
  • Walk through 5 areas, reading and clarifying all the cards, and mark representative cards
  • Overall reflection looking at the whole wave (using ORID) – what are the insights?

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