Reflective level questions are inquiry about internal responses to a situation, or any objective data. The answers will come from a participant’s inward observation.
What caught your attention?
What was your first, gut-level reaction to this situation?
At what point did you laugh?
At what point did you want to cry?
What did you like about this?
What did you dislike about this?

What images were triggered for you?
What associations were triggered for you?
What does this remind you of?
What previous experiences were brought to mind by these facts?

Which part of this worries you the most?
Which part of this is exciting for you?
Which part of this intrigued you?
What triggered warning bells for you?

What part did you identify with?
How does this affect you personally?
What part of this was most powerful for you?

These books will give you a deeper understanding and provide templates for conversations on a variety of topics.
The Art of Focused Conversation, by Brian Stanfield
The Art of Focused Conversation for Schools, by Jo Nelson

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