The first two 20th Anniversary events were held on October 10 during International Facilitation Week, one in Toronto and one in Yellowknife. The one in Toronto was co-sponsored by the GTA Chapter of the International Association of Facilitators.  The one in Yellowknife was sponsored by Dene Nahjo.

The two events brought together a total of about 25 old and new colleagues to celebrate 20 years of facilitation impact.   Each session began with a quick visual presentation with some stories of the activities and accomplishments of ICA over the past 20 years.

Participants in Yellowknife

Then participants shared stories of the impact of participation and facilitation, which were recorded.  We are documenting these stories to create a nationwide collection of stories of how participation affects society.

A consensus workshop on the “Future of a Participatory Society in 10 Years” allowed participants to create a common image of a positive future.  We will be gathering these also from the events across the country to create a larger shared vision.

The column titles from the Toronto workshop on what we want to see in a participatory society in 10 years.


Upcoming events:

Winnipeg October 30

Calgary November 5

Moncton November 6

Ottawa November 6

Halifax November 7

If you would like to register for one of the events, please access the following link:

The dates, times and venues for each of the individual events show up after you click the Register Now button.


If you cannot participate in person, consider virtually sharing a story or two here about how facilitation has made a difference in a group, organization, or community you know and contributing what you want to see going on in a participatory society in 10 years.

You can also sponsor an event in your local area.  Contact Adriana at or Jo at

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