As ICA Associates, Inc., we value:
Comprehensive Context: Understanding the historical perspective and the whole system one is working in, and the diversity of perspectives.
Consciousness:  Living life with intention and high awareness as we enter each day and each situation.
Affirmation:  Acknowledging and saying “yes” to our own and others’ lives, to what is happening in society, the world and our situation.
Transformation: The potential for positive change which exists in every person, group, situation and moment.
Transparency: Clear and open decision-making processes with mutual accountability, which build trust.
Responsibility: Constantly holding a tension between obligation and freedom to make decisions
Care and Compassion:  Acknowledging that life is about concern for self and others, and there is energy and joy in acting it out.
Collaboration / Teamwork:  Interdependent individual and team work which fosters meaningful engagement and commitment.
Courage:  Taking risks and being on the leading edge on behalf of something larger than one’s self.

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