Facilitation training

Transformational Leadership

Future-proof the economics, structure and culture of your organization. Lead by example and involvement and transform your workplace with powerful tools and processes proven with worldwide success.

Future-proof the economics, structure and culture of your organization.

Meaningful involvement of staff, stakeholders and clients is the only way to ensure the longterm success of any organization in this volatile and uncertain time. This eight-day program of learning and practice over 6 months will significantly enhance the way you lead your company.

Lead by example and involvement and transform your workplace with powerful tools and processes proven with worldwide success. The four most important competencies of leadership well covered in this program are the ability to:

  • Inspire commitment
  • Model interaction and behaviour
  • Formulate leveraged strategy
  • Sustain implementation

The first four days of this program demonstrate the practical methods and tools needed to transform your organization. You are supplied with templates, procedures and instructions for six months of your own practical work. The second four days enhances the program with all the processes, theory and mental models you need to remain flexible during future constant change.

Join other leaders in discovering how to:

  • analyze the global and national pressures and trends driving change
  • co-create a long practical vision for your company
  • formulate whole systems of transformation and change
  • focus strategic engagement from staff and stakeholders
  • launch powerful team goals and implementation systems
  • affirm and apply the gifts and limitation of a diverse workforce
  • develop a culture of empowerment
  • reinforce a supportive participatory environment


  • Module times on Zoom are 9:00 am – 4:00 pm Eastern Time.
  • Expect another 2 hours per month for study
  • Small team discussion and practice outside the class will be 2 hours per month.
  • Practice within your own company team will vary, suggested at 2 hours per month.

ICA’s Transformational Leadership program includes:

  • demonstrations of tools and methods and how to use them
  • powerful theory with valuable examples
  • application tips with built-in adaptability
  • provocative and interesting case studies
  • live practice and feedback.
  • books, templates and resources
  • templates for use with clients and with staff.


Price is CAD$12,600 plus applicable tax.

Many methods will be used during the program, including dozens of templates for easy use, and five books for detailed understanding.

  • The Art of Focused Conversation: 100 Ways to Access Group Wisdom in the Workplace
  • The Workshop Book: From Individual Creativity to Group Action
  • Transformational Strategy: Facilitating ToP Participatory Planning
  • The Courage to Lead: Transform Self Transform Society
  • Getting to the Bottom of ToP: Foundations of ToP Methodologies
  • Modules are studied individually online, at your own pace, as videos and readings.
  • There are eight live-online sessions using Zoom and Mural, on a regular schedule.
  • Assignments between sessions as individuals, dyads or triads completes the blend.
  • Some assignments involve working with your staff at work to practice and see the impact. This can be a special project you want to launch.

Transformational Leadership can be held with an inhouse group of a minimum of 8.

  1. Participants become equal team members with regular big picture reflection.
  2. Company potential changes and practices are discussed safely in a controlled training environment. Scenarios can be generated and discussed without decisions made.
  3. Use your company as a case study, in addition to external case studies.
  4. Practice learnings with staff between sessions. Everything can be used immediately.
  5. Prepare for succession and leadership. Many of the tools can also be used by management and staff creating a culture of cohesion and synergy in the company.