Webequie First Nation is in the mineral-rich Ring of Fire in northern Ontario.  At first: Governments and mining companies usually want quick negotiations with First Nations, but Webequie wanted a long range, comprehensive, strategic plan for the entire community, including for economic development, cultural empowerment and political unity. This would give them a strong community consensus from which to work with external partners. Our approach: Strategic planning sessions were held as practicums during strategic planning training sessions to enable the community leaders to keep control of the process. At first: Several courses were held to increase the skill of leaders to interact with and be supportive of all community generated ideas. Participatory strategic planning training sessions were divided into 3 sections to allow time for trainees to engage the community. Second:  Massive amounts of data and ideas generated during community sessions were analyzed by the trainees. The full strategic plan was pulled together jointly by the ICA staff and the community leaders. The result: A protocol was developed for communicating with the province and with mines. A constitution was created for the community. Education for young people was strengthened. Cultural traditions have been strengthened through elder involvement.