The Micronutrient Initiative was transitioning from a small department within a federal government agency into an international NGO with a potential impact on millions of people around the world at a population level.

At First

Breakthroughs in the science of iron, Iodine, vitamin A and folic acid could attract global funding for use in underdeveloped countries to handle anemia and other population level problems. But working within a government agency severely limited operational flexibility. ICA Associates Inc. helped over several years to transform the organization.

Our Solution

An International NGO would need a stable structure, an expansion plan to other nations, concrete goals with funding capacity, and high level advocacy in many new nations.

  • Step 1
A strategic plan was created by all staff together to launch the transition and lay out the pillars of organizational stability.
  • Step 2
Scientific conferences were held in Ottawa to peer review new ways to introduce Vitamin A, Iodine, Iron and Folic Acid in large scale food production.
  • Step 3
A major conference in Philippines launched micronutrient plans in seven Asian countries. The President of Philippines visited the conference.
  • Step 4
A ten day academy for micronutrient scientists was developed and then held in both Holland and in Dubai to dramatically increase the capacity of a large number of scientists to advocate for micronutrients in 30 developing nations.

The Result

Anemia has been reduced on several continents from increased Iron in diets. Cretinism, goiter and hypothyroidism has been reduced in many nations from iodine inclusion. The GDP increased measurably in several countries from the reduction of work loss from illness. Branches opened in Asia and Africa.