ICA Associates Inc. is pleased to announce that John Miller has been appointed President of the company.
John has been consulting for ICA for more than 20 years and carries a clear vision of a future full of collaboration and growth. ICA Associates Inc. is in a strong position with our energetic new space, a rich relationship with ICA Canada, increasing roles with ICA International including exciting global partnerships, a refreshed web presence under development, and a whole cohort of advanced facilitators eager to collaborate. Therefore this seems like an opportune moment to rotate leadership roles.

Duncan Holmes has been President since the founding of ICA Associates Inc. in 1999. He has led the firm through tough choices and joyful celebrations. Duncan will take on a new role as Honourary Chair of the Board. He will continue to do client work and contribute to the direction of the company.
We look forward to continuing growth and expanding impact as a company under John’s leadership.
Duncan Holmes

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