How to get funding for ICA courses from the Federal Government.

Applying for a Grant to Pay for your Facilitation Training

Every year, ICA Associates Inc. delivers the broadest, deepest, most complete curriculum of training for facilitators in Canada. Learning to facilitate group processes will enhance teamwork and organizational effectiveness. All of our courses contain materials from the Technology of Participation™ body of knowledge as well as others. Many of our courses are officially approved by the International Association of Facilitators because we have proven to address IAF’s professional competency model and support their Statement of Ethics and Values.

High quality, hands-on, life-changing experiences with coaching support is not free and some organizations struggle to afford proper training and development. Therefore, we encourage you to explore the Canada Job Grant to potentially cover your training costs. Below are direct links to each provincial job grant program.

What is the Canada Job Grant?

The Canada Job Grant is a collaborative initiative funded by federal, provincial, and territorial governments. It helps employers fund training costs to keep Canada’s workforce skilled and competitive. Employers can apply and receive direct funding support from government for training provided by eligible providers such as ICA Associates Inc.

Select your province from the list below and follow the specific guidelines on the respective page. Each province seems to approach it with their own application process and platform. In theory, everything you need to know is on the province’s page.

Training providers like ICA Associates Inc. need to provide supporting documentation for some of the application processes but we do not administer the program itself.  For assistance, additional information, or questions, please contact us directly and we will do what we can to help you. We hope this information and links are correct, but we cannot guarantee accuracy. Please let us know if something is incorrect or out of date.