A Sample Conversation for Reflecting on Progress with the Group:
The Situation
The group has reached an impasse in the process, or is experiencing a block that makes it difficult to move on.
Rational Aim
To find a way forward in order to complete the necessary task of the group in the meeting
Experiential Aim
The group will take ownership of the task and the necessary process
This is not something you can plan out completely before an event: it is needed rarely, and is something you do on your feet with the group. These questions are only suggestions, because they will vary widely depending on the reasons the group is stuck.
The Conversation
It seems that we have reached a point where we can’t just keep going, and we need to consider how we move our process as a group forward.
Objective Questions
What was our original objective for this meeting?
What steps have we done so far?
What have you observed going on in the last few minutes?
Reflective Questions
What part of this upsets you?
Where are you experiencing frustration?
What’s working well (or at least OK) for you?
Where have you experienced something like this before?
Interpretive Questions
What are some of the possible causes that have brought us to a standstill?
What are some of the options we might consider for moving forward?
What is the intent of what we need to do now?
Decisional Questions
What are some things we might do to accomplish this intent?
Given the possible causes, options, intent, and possible actions, what would you recommend to help us move forward?
Let’s take a quick break and come back to begin the new strategy for moving forward.

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