Historical Scan (SD) self directed

Launch a new beginning by re-storying the past
Learn online at your own pace with classroom videos, with personal assignments and with downloadable texts and examples.

Historical Scan

Launch a new beginning by re-storying the past

A key method of any Certified ToP Facilitator.

Launch new beginnings with any group by bringing closure on the past and helping the group create its own empowering story that becomes part of its history. Prepare for long range or strategic planning  and evaluate projects together by learning from the past. Engage everyone in safe dialogue and a great visual experience. This method has the capacity to turn fate into a meaningful destiny.

The Historical Scan (also known as the Journey Wall or the Wall of Wonder) is required to become an ICA Certified ToP Facilitator (CTF).


The manual is downloadable in this self-directed course.

Theory is expanded through readings and videos of classroom lectures and interaction during in-person courses. These videos remain available for a year.


There are videos of instructors and participants using the tools in simulated case studies. This demonstrates best practice use of the tools and methods. These videos remain available for a year.

Stages, steps and procedures are explained in detail.


This self directed course includes examples of products from actual clients as pictures, PDFs or powerpoints, so you know what can be achieved. These are downloadable.


The course includes assignments that help build confidence in your use of the method. Assignments can be done by yourself, but are better with a group you convene on your own for enhanced learning.

Your assignments can be uploaded to receive comments from ICA instructors or facilitators. You can contact them for further explanation.


Bring closure to the past for communities and groups

  • Facilitate full appreciative reflection on ALL things, joyful and traumatic
  • Discern turning points for the group, when things began to shift
  • Involve all parties, including diverse groups and ages


Build a common story that empowers with meaning

  • Generational reflection encompassing decades or centuries
  • Build respect for all effort
  • Create a story as a foundations to launch new initiatives
  • Enable healing between factions and groups


Prepare for all types of planning

  • Discern trends that are forcing change
  • Generate learning to carry forward
  • Set the groundwork for visioning and future orientation.
  • Excellent for evaluation and mid-course correction.
  • Those who need to bring new people up to speed with those with long standing perpectives and efforts.
  • Those who must help create a joint story for parties in conflict.
  • Consultants and leaders who are preparing to do important planning initiatives and have to get everyone on the same page.
  • Executives trying to build a common story for cultural transformation.
  • Anyone who wants to be assessed by as an ICA Certified ToP Facilitator (CTF)

Learn two powerful methods to enhance your facilitation

The Focused Conversation Method provides a structure for clear dialogue and reflection, probes beneath the surface to the depth of a topic, encourages a diversity of perspectives and leads to decisions.

  • Gets everyone participating
  • Encourages a diversity of perspectives
  • Provides a structure for positive dialogue
  • Gets beneath the surface of a topic
  • Builds common understanding

The Consensus Workshop Method provides a participative and respectful way to move a group toward consensus on those important topics that everyone wants a breakthrough.

  • Involves each group member
  • Gets all the ideas into the mix
  • Focuses the group consensus
  • Builds an effective team partnership
  • Enables you to facilitate large groups


"ICA Associates Inc. provides the best training I have come across. Their decades of learning and development have resulted in methods unsurpassed by anyone else in the field."

Dr. David Burman Assistant Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto

"ICA methods have made a tremendous difference in my work. Many of my clients have benefited from them and they have generated positive results in some very tricky and challenging situations. I also make good use of the post course support and I always get first-rate advice."

David Kraft Director of Research, Strategic Communications

"I have used ICA methods in preparing for lectures, student assignments, professional presentations and leading meetings, and in all events they have proven to be invaluable in organizing and harvesting ideas to fruition."

Dr. Laura MacDonald Associate Professor, University of Manitoba

"Thank you again for contributing effectively to our training curriculum aimed at developing the interpersonal skills of both staff and management."

Mary-Jane Jarvis Haig Director, Development Support, Information Services, Hudsons Bay Company