The new Dean wanted to involve all faculty and large numbers of staff, students and external stakeholders to diagnose the current situation, define the long range changed needed, and create strategies and action plans for structural, governance and program changes. At first: Part of OISE operated as a research institute funded by grants while another part operated as a school with funding dependent on the number of students causing a division within academic staff
Our solution: Engage all professors, administrative staff, external stakeholders and some students in a rethink about the long range future of the organization and create a cohesive plan. Workshops with professors, staff, students and stakeholders give input into the long range future of the organization. A second series of workshops analyzed blocks and developed strategies. Teams of 20 were created for each action plan to create three, two and one-year goals.
Smaller groups worked on detailed actions for each goal. The work was well thought through so the dean approved all action plans on the spot. The result:  OISE restructured its academic departments from five to four with programs grouped under four distinct yet interrelated areas of scholarship within the broader field of educational studies. According to the Dean, three years later the action plans were still active and being continuously reviewed and implemented.