Training Overview
  • Powerful skills for collaborative problem solving, innovation and decision making

    Engagement is the key to collaborative approaches. People want to be directly involved in problem solving, planning and decision-making that affects them. The best solution is the Technology of Participation ToP™. Watch these powerful methods in action and learn how to apply them anywhere in your organization. Get increased engagement, more commitment and authentic ownership of collaborative results

    Group Facilitation Methods is a breakthrough course for three certificate programs.

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    Certificate Programs

    Professional Facilitator Program (PFP) - Address all the facilitator competencies for CPF certification

    Facilitative Leadership Program (FLP) - 13 days to transform your leadership capacity

    Advanced Facilitator Program - PFP + FLP - Master the Technology of Participation in all facilitation and leadership roles.

  • Facilitate in every job and situation

    • Lead an organization or department through change

    • Create strategic, operational or project plans

    • Get multi-stakeholder groups up and running

    • Generate new thinking and perspectives in large groups

    • Move a dysfunctional group to a high performing team

    Technology of Participation - ToP

    Technology of participation is an integrated suite facilitation tools, methods, processes and understandings developed by ICA.

    Using ToP® methods a skilled facilitator can

    • Draw out contributions from diverse participants.
    • Help a group deal with a large amount of data in a short period of time.
    • Pool participants’ contributions into larger, more information-rich patterns.
    • Deal with polarization, conflict and diversity.
    • Enable a group to make well-considered decisions.
    • Motivate commitment to action.

    I make plans, hold meetings and conduct research using ICA’s methods of participation. They are the best methods around to involve people in groups in making sense of lots of information and making decisions about action.
    Dr. Suzanne F. Jackson, Executive Director,
    Centre for Health Promotion

  • Hands on demonstration, theory, application and practice of facilitation skills.

    ToP facilitation methods are used by thousands of people worldwide and are available in ICA's comprehensive curriculum. Courses are taught only by certified professional and master facilitators who use the methods and tools themselves with their own base of clients in public, private and not-for-profit sectors and in communities.

    All ICA courses are designed to show you HOW to use the best methods, skills and techniques, not simply tell you what they are. You'll see master facilitators demonstrate how things are done, why they work, when to use them and you'll get to practice them yourself. Participants regularly say, "This is the best training I have ever had. It is so practical that I can use it tomorrow."

    Our experience over thirty years has been that once a person takes an ICA facilitation skills course, they keep coming back to learn those special skills for working with more complex and more difficult situations. You get to meet more and more of our internationally known trainers and staff, feel right at home, and begin forming a network with other participants.

    All courses include high quality manuals, resources, and free coaching or mentoring after the course.

    My thanks for providing such good instruction. I do quite a bit of facilitation and thought it would be a refresher but I learned a lot that hopefully will make me a more effective and versatile facilitator.
    Nancy Balcom, Alberta Education
  • Core facilitator competence - Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF)

    The International Association of Facilitators, the professional association of many facilitators, assesses the core competency of facilitators in a performance-based process, and awards the designation Certified Professional Facilitator CPF. Several assessments are held annually in different parts of the world. Application must be made several months in advance, a portfolio developed and sent to IAF for assessment, and a short event facilitated with your peers at the IAF assessment location. Membership must be maintained with IAF, and reassessment done every three years.

    Mastery of ToP facilitation - Certified ToP Facilitator (CTF)

    ICA, one of the world's largest networks of facilitators, assesses Technology of Participation ToP facilitators at an advanced mastery level of facilitation. ToP facilitators employ a special suite of methods developed by ICA and used worldwide for strategic planning, public consultation, curriculum design, conferencing, workshops, retreats and think-tanks, mentoring, coaching and personal development. The competencies assessed for CTF certification include all of the CPF competencies, and several more. ICA Associates Inc. holds CTF assessments.

    ICA Associates Inc. provides the best training I have come across. Their decades of learning and development have resulted in methods unsurpassed by anyone else in the field.
    Dr. David Burman, Assistant Professor,
    Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto

  • All ICA courses are available in-house at your location

    Your own group of facilitators within your organization can smooth company transitions, handle conflict within and between departments, facilitate important planning events, lead team building and generate creative solutions. There are also many courses available for in-house training that are not available publicly. In addition, all courses can be fine-tuned for your specific needs, often with no expense. ICA Associates can also develop curriculum for your special situation.

    Substantial Savings 

    You can achieve savings of up to 50% plus many organizational benefits by holding facilitation skills training for your staff. An in-house Group Facilitation course includes demonstrations of powerful methods in diverse situations, theory of how the methods work, practical examples of daily applications, practice sessions for participants, and manuals, with optional books and support for participants after the course.

    Benefits to your organization

    • Generate new options for working with issues
    • Improve communication skills
    • Rely less on outside consultants
    • Have a permanent core of trained facilitators
    • Get maximum participation and creativity from your staff
    • Implement organizational changes more smoothly
    • Enhance team development
    • Have common language and methods for participation.

    Combine our facilitation and training services to kickstart a participative environment. Solve difficult challenges, then support changes with a trained, in-house team. We will custom design the course to suit the specific needs of your group. You can use the training to support organizational transformation.

    There is a no-risk cancellation policy for in-house courses.

    Pre-approved facilitation and training agreements with several governments

    Ontario Public Service

    ICA Associates is a Vendor of Record for Executive Leadership Development Programming and Team Building.
    VoR # OSS-00154215

    OPS employees can get prequalified facilitation skills training from ICA Associates Inc. through our Vendor of Record status.

    City of Calgary

    ICA Associates is a Vendor of Record for the Stakeholder Engagement Consulting Services Schedule A abd B

    Alberta Education

    ICA Associates is pre-qualified for Facilitation and Event Planning Services

    Ontario Association of Community Care Access Centres

    ICA Associates is a vendor of record for the Ontario Association of Community Care Access Centres

    Yukon Government Public Services

    ICA Associates is a vendor of record for Yukon Government Public Services

    Public Works Canada

    ICA Associates is a vendor of record for Public Works Canada for Facilitation and Organizational Management.
    Supply agreement # E60BQ-01SSA/353/ST.
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  • What people say about ICA courses

    The training has really re-shaped the way I have done facilitation. The ORID process is, as promised, incredibly effective. My manager was wise to arrange the training for several of us within the organization and we continue to lean on each others experiences with using these methods. - Pat Fisher, Public Health Planner

    ICA’s Group Facilitation Methods are the most valuable tools in my toolkit. No matter what a client asks me to do, I inevitably use one of the methods as part of my work. They are effective, versatile, and create clear, visible, practical ways to work with subtle and complex human dynamics. I recommend them to anyone trying to organize anything from large scale cultural change projects to this year’s family vacation
    . - Emma Sobel, Human Resources, Queens University

    These courses have transformed our company practice and culture. All our meetings are much more authentic, insightful and productive...and even fun! We send all our staff to ICA. - Helen Leask PhD, President, Journey DX Research Inc.

    I’ve been using ICA methods for four years now and they have made a tremendous difference in my work.  Many of my clients have benefited from them and they have generated positive results in some very tricky and challenging situations. I also make good use of the post course support and I always get first-rate advice. - David Kraft, Director of Research, Strategic Communications

    My thanks for providing such good instruction. I do quite a bit of facilitation and thought it would be a refresher but I learned a lot that will make me a more effective and versatile facilitator. – Nancy Balcom, Alberta Education

    I am often surprised at how many teams and organizations still have meetings with no agenda. Meetings are among the largest time wasters when done poorly and the catapults to success when done well. Meetings that Work is a gem of a course that breaks down meetings in all their components and teaches you how to do them the right way.  - Emma Sobel, Human Resources, Queens University

    I recently participated in the Meetings at Work online course. I found the program impactful and came away with increased knowledge and skills in architecting and planning better meetings. The course also provided me with useful frameworks and tools to be able to engage clients more proactively in planning as well as to improve participation and outcomes. The learning experience was a good mix of theory, sharing of real-life experiences and hands-on application.  I was grateful to be able to participate in the course at a distance and found the online technology to be quite user-friendly and engaging.  Jo (the instructor) is a gem and shared her wealth of know-how in a very open, engaging and humble way. I would highly recommend this course as well as the opportunity to participate and learn online at a distance. - Heather Worosz, Executive Consultant, Iqaluit, Nunavut
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