Consulting & Facilitating
  • High levels of innovation, collective thinking and action from our customized solutions

    We bring diverse groups of stakeholders together to develop creative solutions to complex problems. This generates commitment to implementation. Solutions to 21st century problems require sustained innovation and collaboration. We bring skills and experience with all sectors of society to:

    - Conference facilitation
    - Public consultation
    - Curriculum design
    - Participatory strategic planning
    - Organizational development
    - Community development
    - Team and workgroup implementation
    - Health strategies

  • Even difficult, complex problems and situations have solutions.

    You need a professional ICA ToP facilitator when:

    -  High levels of participation and commitment are needed.

    - Neutrality is required for an honest, open discussion.

    - Your own leadership needs to actively participate in the discussion.

    - The topic is difficult and requires special handling.

    - New energy is needed for a breakthrough.

    -  Existing behaviour patterns have become predictable and stale.

    -  Focus is required on a specific type of outcome.

    - The group does not know how to proceed with the discussion.

    A professional ICA-ToP facilitator can help you get the breakthrough you need quickly by engaging all the necessary stakeholders in an immediately implementable solution to your situation.
  • Everyone knows that participation leads to commitment.

    With a professional ICA ToP facilitator you also get:

    Value-added, positive ideas from all stakeholders

    People are looking for ways to make participation lead to creativity and consensus rather than bickering. Organizations want ways to honour each person, bring people together and promote positive dialogue. When people feel acknowledged, included and valued, they give their best to a situation. We can help you create a culture of participation that enables everyone to be at their best. ICA's Technology of Participation will engage your group members in positive, productive dialogue.

    Two-way, respectful communication among your staff

    Lots of people say talk is cheap and communication is a problem. Organizations are learning that developing healthy communication is a valuable long term investment. ICA's methods enable people to talk with each other respectfully, hear all the perspectives and build consensus. We can help you get below the surface, address real concerns and build healthy communication patterns.

    Productive meetings with your work groups

    Groups need to deal with many inter-related issues without wasting time in long, boring, unproductive meetings. We use our knowledge and experience to design processes that enable your meetings to flow. Our methods enable your group see relationships among ideas and make sense of what's going on. We help your group get from divergent ideas to consensus on plans they can implement. A meeting or planning process facilitated by ICA will save you time and money in meeting costs.

    Creative advantages unleashed

    Groups want to create innovative, do-able solutions that get results and make a lasting impact. People are looking for creative strategies that will produce sustainable change. ICA uses processes that enable your group to think strategically and maximize its own wisdom. We can enable your group to create innovative plans that will build a platform for sustainable impact. ICA strategic planning will bring focus to your plans and give you a way to respond quickly to changes.

    Fast implementation with sustained commitment from all involved.

    Plans gathering dust on the shelf have no power and buy-in to the ideas or others dries up very quickly. Organizations are seeking ways to build the commitment necessary for effective implementation. People commit when they contribute ideas and participate meaningfully in decision making . We enable people to invest in their own future through participation in all phases of the planning process.Our workshops produce workable plans that people are committed to implement quickly. Participants come out of ICA planning sessions motivated and ready to act.

    Call any of our consultants to help you get on track immediately. Call 1-877-691-1422 or (416) 691-2316

  • Launch and sustain your initiatives with Certified ToPĀ® Facilitators.

    ICA ToP facilitators are Certified Professional Facilitators (CPF) by the International Association of Facilitators, or Certified ToP Facilitators (CTF) or both. They are recognized across Canada and worldwide as being among the best in the business. They bring years of experience in working with situations which require understanding, knowledge and great skill. Your organization will benefit long into the future by an association with an ICA ToP Facilitator.

    Government Pre-approvals

    ICA Associates Inc. is a Vendor of Record, Reference Number OSS-074033, to the Ontario Public Service for Design, Development and Delivery of Classroom Learning / Training.

    ICA Associates Inc. is a Vendor of Record for Public Works Canada for Facilitation and for Organizational Management. Supply Arrangement No. is E60BQ-01ISSA/353/ST.

    ICA Associates Inc. is registered as a consulting firm with the Consulting and Audit Canada Skills Registration System.ICA Associates Inc. is approved to teach Advanced Facilitation Skills to the Ontario Public Service.

    ICA Associates Inc. is a Vendor of Record with the Government of Yukon.

  • Get customized solutions to entrenched situations.

    Even a short phone conversation with a professional ICA ToP  facilitator will shed new light and possibility on your situation. Their depth of experience will help you with a customized solution without large upfront costs or unnecessary design time. You can trust that we will find ways to bring all necessary stakeholders on board to ensure effective implementation of your vital projects.

    Some recent clients

    ICA has worked with a cross-section of Canadian society, covering virtually every conceivable interest or orientation. This list is representative of our clients. They all share one thing in common - a desire to work together more effectively.


    Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food
        * OPHA - Premier's Council on Determinants of Health
        * Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
        * Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
        * Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
        * Environment Canada
        * Health Canada
        * Natural Resources Canada
        * Ontario Ministry of Health
        * Nunavut Department of Education
        * Citizenship and Immigration Canada
        * Alberta Community Development
        * Yukon Public Service Commission
        * Nunavut Federal Council
        * Human Resources Department Canada
        * Health Canada - Medical Services Branch
        * Saskatchewan Social Services
        * Canadian Food Inspection Agency
        * Department of Municipal and Community Affairs - NWT
        * International Development Research


        * Ontario Teachers' Federation
        * Regina Public Schools
        * York Region District School Board
        * Peel District School Board
        * Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board
        * Waterloo Catholic School Board
        * Toronto Training Board
        * Toronto Board of Education
        * Treaty Six Education
        * North York Board of Education
        * Brant Haldemand Norfolk Catholic District School Board
        * Upper Grand District School Board

    First Nations

        * Anishinaabeg of Kabapikotawangag Resources Council
        * Grand Council Treaty 3
        * Mohawks of Akwesasne
        * Wigwamen Incorporated
        * Yellowknives Dene First Nation
        * Wahta Mohawks
        * Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs


        * Syncrude Canada Ltd.
        * Hudson's Bay Company
        * Alberta Road Builders & Heavy Construction
        * Source Medical Corporation
        * Canadian Electricity Association
        * Levi Strauss
        * Toyota Canada Inc.
        * POC Communications Inc.
        * Ontario Aerospace Council
        * Connaught Laboratories


        * Association of Local Public Health
        * Canadian Public Health Association
        * Regent Park Community Health Centre
        * Public Health Agency of Canada
        * Sudbury & District Health Unit
        * Canadian Institute for Health
        * Deep River and District Hospital
        * Community Health Nurses Association
      of Canada
        * Health Canada
        * Durham Region Health Department
        * Saskatoon Healthy Communities Project
        * South Riverdale Community Health Centre  Toronto Public Health Department
        * Ontario Public Health Association
        * Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists
        * North Algoma Health Organization
        * Chedoke McMaster Hospitals
        * Centre for Addiction & Mental Health


        * Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake
        * District of Tumbler Ridge
        * City of Brantford
        * City of Brampton
        * City of Tumbler Ridge
        * City of Toronto
        * City of Dawson Creek
        * Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake
        * Burlington Department of Parks and Recreation
        * Regional Municipality of Sudbury
        * Town of Rayside Balfour, Ontario
        * Town of Onaping Falls
        * West Nipissing Economic Development Corporation

    Community and Social Services

        * Village of Kuujjuaq Wellness Committee
        * Industrial Accident Prevention Association
        * Canadian Cancer Society
        * United Way Regina
        * Maytree Foundation
        * Regent Park Parents for Better Beginnings
        * Dixon Hall
        * Toronto Centre Rosedale Ontario Early Years
        * Canadian Deaf, Blind and Rubella Association
        * YWCA of Yellowknife
        * Victoria County Association for Community Living
        * Network Northwest, Ontario
        * Manitoba Arts Council
        * United Way of Greater Toronto

    Agriculture and Agri-FoodCanada
    Alberta Education
    Canadian Mental Health Association
    City of Mississauga
    City of Edmonton
    Cree School Board
    Bayer Inc.
    Centre for Leadership and Learning
    Clarica Sun Life
    Canadian Institute for Health Information
    Durham Region Health Department
    Environment Canada
    Government of Yukon
    Indian and Northern Affairs
    Independent Electricity System Operator
    Lake of the Woods District Hospital
    Ministry of Community and Social Services
    Micronutrient Initiative
    National Aboriginal Health Organization
    Nunavut Federal Council
    Ontario Aerospace Council
    Ontario Clean Water Agency
    Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation
    Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
    Ministry of Northern Development and Mines
    Natural Resources Canada
    Parks Canada
    Public Health Agency of Canada
    Peel District School Board
    Regina Public Schools
    Siemens AG
    Sun Region Health Authority
    Toronto Public Housing
    Toronto Public Health Department
    Toyota Canada Inc.
    United Way of Greater Toronto
    Wassay-Gezhig Na-Nahn-Dah-We-igamig
    Yellowknives Dene First Nation
    York Region District School Board

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  • What people say about ICA ToP facilitation.

    With companies, survivors and advocates all in the same room, we needed serious expertise in designing the major planning session to launch our new organisation. ICA Associates helped us put the whole enterprise on a very solid foundation.
    Pat Kelly, Founder, Canadian Cancer Advocacy Coalition

    Each participatory process ICA Associates Inc has designed for us, including board strategic planning, a large-scale Inuit community priority-establishing project, and the Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada consultation, has been respectful and productive with powerful commitment to results from diverse groups.
    Richard Jock, Executive Director, National Aboriginal Health Organisation

    Thank you again for contributing effectively to our training curriculum aimed at developing the interpersonal skills of both staff and management.
    Mary-Jane Jarvis Haig, Director, Development Support, Information Services, Hudsons Bay Company

    In only three days, we had a way for our managers to move the entire organiĀ­zation toward team-based operations, and an action plan to get it done.
    Deborah McLeod, Director, Inuvik Regional Health and Social Services Board

    A clear focus and structure for participation. Everybody felt that their ideas were held there.
    Corrine Gilligan, Regent Park Parents for Better Beginnings

    "ICA methods are refreshingly effective and honest, dealing as they do with people's real feelings about real problems as a means to build real solutions."
    Jean-Marc Daigle and Donna Havinga, Partners, Ecological Outlook Consulting

    "I've learned a new way of relating to issues that could be beneficial in groups of any size or in personal decision making."
    Nancy Gelleta, Substance Abuse Counsellor, Kenora Youth Addictions Healing Centre

    Understanding the common sense approach of the ToP methods and their application in virtually all communication can only lead to improved facilitator confidence.
    Pierre Belanger, Office of the Worker Advisor

    "I am leaving with an overall structure for action and a number of practical strategies to assist in the work of my organization."
    Jim Martin, Director,Dogrib Divisional Board of Education

    "Such a simple conceptual method ... can have such a profound effect on group decision-making"
    Zladislaw John Gladki, City Planner

    "Thank you for your excellent facilitation work at our New Careers Staff Conference. "
    Stuart Cramer, New Careers Corporation, Saskatchewan

    "The resulting documentation we have just received was brilliantly laid out."
    Garnet Elmer, Community Program Consultant, North Battleford

    "I like the respectful, inclusive way this process has been designed. I like the process because it has such wide application from personal to work situations."
    Jan Williams-Russell, Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists

    "Your ability to understand the many dispositions of the people involved and the timing with which you dealt with obstacles when they arose was impeccable."
    Ron Eyre, Co-ordinator of Information Services, Wellington County Board of Education

    "Your facilitation of our agency's planning exercise proved to be very effective. Our finished product has confirmed our collective hopes and dreams and set a course for the coming few years."
    Lynda M. Geddes, Executive Director - Community Living Timmins Integration Communautaire

    "I want to thank you sincerely for your workshop here. The whole group is just so enthusiastic about the day and the potential for change has never existed here as it now does. Your methods, knowledge, style and competence were just what we needed."
    J.M. Davis, Principal, Arthur District High School

    "I like the emphasis on participation, respect for individuals and their ideas, valuing diversity. There was much value in watching skillful facilitators at work."
    Arline Trew

    "This process brings out the best work of an individual working in a group."

    Norman Lorenz, United Way, Regina